No toasters but sponges

So, that was Christmas (apologies to John Lennon for mangling his wonderful lyrics).  

I’m pleased to report there wasn’t a toaster, or any other unwelcome kitchen appliance, to be found under the oh-so-fake tree on Christmas Day. Instead, I was the happy recipient of assorted goodies that included such treats as a Hendrix DVD, Drambuie and a Spongebob cuddle pillow. Life is good.  

My 5-year-old great-nephew Wyatt was a little taken aback that a reputed grown-up would have a Spongebob soft toy, bath sponge, ear-rings and zipper pull but finally believed I was a true fan when I proved I knew all the words to the theme song. He was even more impressed when we told him Uncle Grant was cooking Krabby Patties on the barbecue.


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