Enlightening…and a hoax

Last week I wrote about the Komarnitsky family and their interactive website featuring the 17,000 Christmas lights that adorn their house.  

Online news stories and information on the family’s site stated net surfers could control the lights with the click of a mouse.  

Turns out it was a rather elaborate hoax.  

Read all about the details, and the decision to come clean, here. Father and head-hoaxer Alek Komarnitsky figured he could probably keep the magic going for another year but went public with the news that the lights weren’t on remote control with the help of the Wall Street Journal.  

While there will probably be some people out there who will be unnecessarily angry about the hoax, I’m inclined to agree with Mr Komarnitsky — he provided a little bit of harmless Christmas magic to entertain and enthral.  

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to the Komarnitsky family.  

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