Etiquette for everyone

(This is the Online column written for The Southland Times)

Last week’s etiquette column seemed to strike a chord with many people so I’ve been checking out other sites for the well-intentioned and well-mannered.

Etiquette Hell lives up to its name, with tales of bridezillas, rude co-workers and funeral faux pas.

Categorised by wedding, everyday and business etiquette, the site features stories submitted by visitors detailing horror stories of bad manners. Be sure to check out the bridesmaid dress incinerator.

Fan Faire has a fairly straight forward list of golden rules for theatre fans, which I’m sure Kevin Spacey will agree with.

For the single but looking, Dating Class has a bit of advice on dating etiquette while iVillage covers a range of dating questions, including how to write the proverbial Dear John letter (although in this case, it actually starts with Dear Uncultured Slob).

Ink aficionados will find a potted guide to tattoo studio etiquette here.

If you’re planning on overseas travel and are feeling unsure about the whole tipping thing, help is at hand in the form of the Original Tipping Page and there’s a range of hints on avoiding etiquette disasters internationally at here.

The blokes out there might like to test their urinal etiquette with the Urinal Game. Apparently, it’s crucial to know exactly where to stand when going for a tinkle.

I’m sure all the cat owners out there will be able to relate to the rules of etiquette for inexperienced cats — especially the part about accompanying guests to the bathroom.

There’s even a web page dedicated to the art of soup etiquette.


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